Are you already hearing "I'm bored" this summer?!




Are you worried about the summer slide?

Some researchers believe children lose up to TWO levels in reading over the summer months.

Are you worried about the amount of screen time your child is getting this summer?

While screens are great, all 26 of these activities are screen-free! Most require little to no prep!

Do you want to help your child with reading, but aren't quite sure what to do with them over the summer months?

That's what I'm here to help you with! The best thing you can do with your children this summer is READ! Throw in some of these super easy + quick activities, and your child will be ready for school this Fall!

In this ebook, you will get:

  • 26 strategies to get your child engaged with reading so you don't even have to think or plan what to do.
  • Predictable format (A to Z guide) with materials for each activity listed, making it easy for you to grab what you need and get started quickly!
  • Easy, fun ideas to do in your home, outside, or in the car so you don't have to worry about finding the time to fit these activities into your busy schedules. 

Who is Kim Creigh?



Kim is a former elementary school teacher and has her Masters in Reading Education. She is mom to two boys. Reading is her passion, and she wants to inspire every child to love to read! 

One of the greatest predictors of reading success is an enjoyment of reading. Summer is the perfect time to start with some fun & easy reading activities!


Read what other moms are saying...

"This ebook places the parents in a more confident role in regards to reading and that's important. The book provides you with just enough information on reading skills and phonics that parents can use this as a starting point to get involved and really nurture their children's reading habits." Suzy, former teacher & mom of 3

 "Although the book goes through the alphabet, there are WAY MORE than 26 reading activities available to children and parents. Each activity and idea is presented in a parent-friendly way, which is excellent for those who are not necessarily confident in guiding their child's reading." Kelly, mom of 2

"The activities are simple enough that parents will not have to stress over how to fit them into their day. In fact, I predict that these activities will prevent the “I’m bored” whining that inevitably occurs in the summer. The adventures are incredibly actionable, making them consistent with kids’ desire for engagement and movement. Kids will ask to do these activities because they’re fun, not even realizing that they’re also improving their reading skills." Rachel Bailey, Parenting Specialist

"I love this ebook because it is well organized and easy to follow along! I felt it gave me a tool box to implement without stress. The hands-on activities for two very active boys keep the love of reading alive and keep it fun and light hearted." Jenna, former teacher & mom of 3


For just $15, let's have some fun with reading this summer!