Struggling Reader to Book Lover: An 8 week course to help YOU help your child with reading.

Let’s help your struggling reader with specific strategies that are research-based and easy to implement in your busy schedule.

You want your child to read and be successful in school. Let’s work together to make that happen.

Creative Reading Adventures


Hi! I’m Kim.

 I’m a reading consultant for busy parents. Struggling readers are my favorite type of readers... because you can help them and watch their face light up as they learn to read! I want that for you. I've worked with hundreds of kids and I've cracked the code. 


Simply reading with a struggling reader just isn't enough.

Without specific phonemic awareness skills and targeted instruction... your child will continue to struggle.

You know you're an amazing mom. You read with your child every night. You do everything the teacher tells you to do. And yet your child continues to struggle with reading.

Maybe you've tried tutoring.

Or, you've tried the latest apps.

You're tired of the constant battle to read every night.

First things first... It's not your fault.

Why is it so hard for some kids to learn to read and others pick it up so quickly? It's not fair. But, as I tell my students, "Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need."

Some just have to work harder to develop these pre-reading skills. You have the ability to help your child with reading. You can do it. Because even though you're an awesome mom, you never learned how to teach reading. You need some help and guidance along the way. That's what I'm here for.

We're all busy. I get that. My two little interns (with one on the way!) keep me going every second of the day. These activities are specific, research-based, and easy to implement in your busy schedules. We will find a way to fit these into your schedule together.

In this program, you will get:

Video Trainings

Video Trainings

PDF lists of activities

PDF lists of activities

New reading skills

New reading skills

One-on- One Calls

One-on- One Calls

Pieces to your child's reading puzzle

Pieces to your child's reading puzzle

Private group for support

Private group for support


  • Basic reading research and terminology so you can discuss your child's strengths and needs with me during our one-on-one phone calls.

  • Video trainings on specific reading skills, including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, word work, comprehension, and writing.

  • PDF checklists of strategies to try at home with your children, rate the strategies, and reflect on how they worked with YOUR child.

  • Access to me, your personal reading consultant, to answer your questions that come up as you try these new strategies in a supportive Facebook community.

Current reading research states if your child is struggling in 3rd grade, they will never catch up.

Let’s work on catching your child up, one research-based reading activity at a time.

Imagine how confident you'll feel when you can help your child with their reading. You'll know the right questions to ask, how to empower them, and how to keep engaging them while doing their homework and reading a book.


Course dates: September 9, 2018- October 28, 2018

Join the flagship version of my 8 week program after our masterclass and you’ll receive the Adventures in Summer Reading ebook as a bonus!


After reading this ebook, here’s what Rachel Bailey, a Parenting Specialist had to say:

"The activities are simple enough that parents will not have to stress over how to fit them into their day. In fact, I predict that these activities will prevent the “I’m bored” whining that inevitably occurs in the summer.The adventures are incredibly actionable, making them consistent with kids’ desire for engagement and movement."

Here's what Suzy Malarcher, a former teacher & mom of 3 had to say:

"This ebook places the parents in a more confident role in regards to reading and that's important. The book provides you with just enough information on reading skills and phonics that parents can use this as a starting point to get involved and really nurture their children's reading habits."

Everyone in the program gets access to me, your personal reading consultant, for 8 weeks in a private Facebook community where we will learn together.

Who this is for?

Parents of struggling readers who want to help their child improve their reading abilities.

You’re busy. You don’t have time to add one more thing to your schedule. I get it. But we make time for the important things in our lives, don’t we?

Take some time each week to learn new strategies, try these new strategies with your child, and receive support from our reading community. Ask me questions as you learn how to help your child. I’m sure you’ve tried to help your child in the past and may have felt frustrated.

You may have asked yourself:

  • Will my child ever learn to read?

  • Why is this so hard?

  • What am I doing wrong?

Remember, you’re not doing anything wrong. As a trained teacher I spent years studying the skills and strategies to help children read. You’re busy in your career and in your home taking care of your family. You're not familiar with teaching reading strategies. I am. Let me help.

You can continue to pay $75/hour for a reading tutor each week. Continue spending hours and hours reading and researching how to help your child with reading yourself. Continue the tears from both you and your child when this is not successful. Or, you can let me help you.

It takes 10,000 hours to be considered an "expert" in your field. I have far surpassed this in the reading field:


Investment: $347

Early Bird Pricing through August 31st: $297

(Pssst... that's the cost of only 4 tutoring sessions and you're getting an 8-week program.)


After you purchase this course...

  1. Class starts September 9th!

  2. Pay through the Paypal button above and you will be taken to a Welcome page! (Don't worry, all of this information will go straight to your inbox too!).

  3. Fill out the quick survey about your child so I can get to know them better.

  4. Check your email (and snail mail!) for some bonuses!

Who is your personal reading consultant?


Hi! I'm Kim. I knew from a young age that reading was my passion and wanted to pass along my love of reading to others. This led me to begin my career as an elementary school teacher and obtain my Masters of Education in reading from the University of Virginia.  

Current reading research shows that one of the biggest predictors of reading success is an enjoyment of reading in school-aged children. Most struggling readers despise reading at an early age to compensate for their lack of reading ability. Let’s work on that together.

I have experience teaching a range of abilities (4th, 3rd, and 1st grades to be exact!). I tutored many different ages which has helped me develop reading adventures that everyone will love and learn from. I also train preschool teachers on some of these exact strategies that we will be working together on.

I can't wait to work with you and learn more about your struggling reader!