Safari Adventures in Reading

Read, learn, & play

Do you want your child to love to read?

Are you looking for engaging books to read together?

Do you want to help your child with their reading skills, but aren’t quite sure how?

Let me help!

As a certified reading specialist, your child will be learning while having fun with you. Activities and crafts are simple, and fun to do together.

Your Safari Adventures in Reading eBook includes:

Book lists

Two different lists by age of engaging safari-themed books.


An easy-to-make snack (no ovens involved!)


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my! Get ready to get up and moving in this fun safari-theme adventure.


Do not be intimidated by these easy-to-make animal crafts!


You should have everything you need for this science experiment using common household items.

Story Starter:

An animal picture to start a discussion and then write a story together.

For only $17, let's take little readers on an adventure!

Your eBook will be emailed to you upon purchase. Please note, this is a digital product. You will not receive a physical copy of this book. You are welcome to print it for personal use.

Most books and activities are appropriate for emergent and beginning readers (ages 3-8).

Who is your personal reading consultant?

Reading Consultant

Hi! I'm Kim. I knew from a young age that reading was my passion and wanted to pass along my love of reading to others. This led me to begin my career as an elementary school teacher and obtain my Masters of Education in reading from the University of Virginia.  

Current reading research shows that one of the biggest predictors of reading success is an enjoyment of reading in school-aged children. Most struggling readers despise reading at an early age to compensate for their lack of reading ability. Let’s work on that together.

I have experience teaching a range of abilities (4th, 3rd, and 1st grades to be exact!). I tutored many different ages which has helped me develop reading adventures that everyone will love and learn from. I also train preschool teachers on some of these exact strategies that we will be working together on.