One on One Mentoring for your Struggling Reader

One on One Mentoring

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1 form, 2 meetings with me, 3 items for you (detailed packet, recorded video conversation, your questions answered).

Step one: Take a deep breath. Let me be your personal reading consultant. We can work together to make a plan.

Step two: Fill out this form so you can see if we are a good fit. Based on the information in your form, we will have a conversation where I will ask some clarifying questions to determine what your goals are for your child. Then, I will get to work! 

Step three: We will have a 90 minute video chat in which I "teach" you the specific skills you need to work on with your child. You will receive a recording of this.


A packet of information specific to your child will be emailed to you. This includes information we discussed in our video chat and a complete list of activities that you can do with your child to build up their self esteem and reading skills. You will also have the recorded video chat to refer back to when teaching those specific skills.

You will have access to emailed communication with me for questions that arise for an additional 2 months after our video chat. I want you to feel confident and capable in helping your beginning reader! 

Let's work together!

Introductory price: $497