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my story

Creative Reading Adventures: Read the Founder's Story

           My story begins as a young child who would max out her library card at the public library every week. You were only allowed to take out 17 books for a two week period, which the sweet librarian soon upped to 25 just for me. I would still need to "borrow" some of my mom's library count and take out books on her card.

I always had my nose in a book...

This became problematic when I started to drive and had no idea where to go since I was always reading in the car! To this day, I still blame my lack of directional skills on my reading wherever we traveled!

           I still love to learn and to read (when there's time!). One of my personal goals for this year was to read a chapter a day. I am proud to say I have stuck with this goal and usually read more than one chapter! From professional books to fiction books to reading to my kids, reading is a huge part of my life!

           I was an elementary school teacher (teaching fourth, third, and then first grades), have my Masters in Reading Education from the University of Virginia, and now juggle being a reading consultant and my two young boys who keep me busy! My passion for reading, my teaching background, and my experience as a mom led to Creative Reading Adventures.

Meet Kim Creigh of Creative Reading Adventures

Meet Kim Creigh:

Avid reader.
Former teacher.
Lover of coffee, crafting, and great friends.

Ten things about me you don’t necessarily need to know, but you may be wondering:
1. I live in Northern Virginia.
2. I am a mom to two amazing boys!
3. I love to travel.
4. I love to cook, bake, & try new recipes (when there's time!).
5. I have a Westie who loves to snuggle!
6. I grew up in Rhode Island~ smallest state with the longest name!
7. I pretend I'm a runner and randomly train for half marathons. One of my biggest goals is to run the princess half in Disney (one day!).
8. I absolutely LOVE black olives. 
9. Even though I’m petrified of heights, I went zip-lining with my best friend in Costa Rica!
10. I use exclamation points excessively, but it really is because I’m THAT excited about what I do!!

Little intern to Creative Reading Adventures

           I am excited to share more about my passion for reading and why it's SO important we start at such a young age. Welcome to the Creative Reading Adventures blog!  Come say "hi" over in my FREE Facebook group, Creative Reading Adventures, a place for busy moms just like you. Click here to join the Creative Reading Adventures Facebook group.

So many books, so little time. Creative Reading Adventures.

Favorite Books:

          I'm always asked what my favorite book is, and I honestly cannot answer this question! It changes depending on what mood I'm in, what book you're looking for, and the book's purpose. I can tell you I just finished A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, and I'm currently reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. I loved the Harry Potter and Twilight series, and enjoy most teen fiction books! I love To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale. I also love reading books before they become a movie (because the book is always better, right?!) so that can make me pick up a book that I wouldn't normally pick up to read. I also love being a part of book clubs that help expand my reading repertoire!

Kids' Books:

          As for kids' books, I cannot even begin to name my favorites! I'll be sharing lots with you on this blog and over in my free Facebook group, Creative Reading Adventures. For now, you can click here to grab my list of 10 Books to Inspire a Love of Reading with your kids if you want to get a head start!

Let me know your favorite book in the comments!