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Reading Goals: 3 Ways to Fit More Reading in This Year

Do you set reading goals at the beginning of a new year? Some may want to read a certain number of books (19 books in 2019) or read a certain amount per day. Whether you set a goal or haven’t thought about it, I encourage you to try these three easy ways to fit more reading in this year!

1) Read in the car

Read in the car

Everyone is busy. Rushing to this event or activity. Instead of turning on the DVD player, pop in a book on CD or listen to a book on an app like Audible. Stop the recording about 5 minutes from your destination and discuss what you just listened to together.

2) Schedule time to read together every day.

I’d encourage you to find this time that is NOT right before bed. How do you feel at bedtime? Exhausted? Ready for the day to be done? And sometimes this is when we ask our kids to read to us, something that may be hard already for them, and they have all of these feelings as well.

What if your family reading time was while they ate a snack? Or after they came in from playing outside? Or right before dinner? This doesn’t have to be a set time each day, it can change with your schedule. Just make sure you schedule time each day!

Schedule time to read every day

3) Pair reading with food.

Pair reading with food

While I protect dinner time for catching up with the family, all other meals are open! My kids are really enjoying the Stink book series lately so as long as everyone is ready for school, we have been trying to sneak in a chapter at breakfast.

After your child has some time to run around after school or daycare, can you sit with a snack and read a story? Have a picnic outside or snuggle up under a blanket. However you choose to read, eating while reading is more fun!

How will you sneak in more time to read this year? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re looking for books to inspire your kids to read, click here to download a list of my favorites!