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How to Motivate Your Reader with a Reading Nook

Motivating your kids to read can be difficult. Simply switching the space where you are reading can help make it seem more fun and exciting. Click through to read how to make a cozy reading nook in your home.

Do you have to fight with your kids to get them to read? Do you have a set space to read with them? Motivating a child to read can be difficult, so starting with switching up WHERE you read can make a difference. Setting up a reading nook in your home can make reading fun and cozy.

I want you to create a space for reading in your home. I know what you're thinking, "Kim, I already read with my kids in the rocking chair in their room or snuggled up in bed together." That's great~ and keep doing it! Bedtime snuggling reading is one of my favorite spaces to read.

Now I want you to make a different reading space that's NOT in their bedroom. Do you have baskets you could fill with board books or picture books to move around your house? Do you have bean bags or special chairs you could add to that space?

Making a reading tent can motivate your kids to read more!

Making a reading tent can motivate your kids to read more!

Could you...

  • Make a "reading fort" out of blankets and pillows for the day and bring a basket of books inside?

  • Could you climb under your dining room table, lay on your bellies, and read books together?!

  • Could you clean out an old closet, stack it with books, add some string lights, and make a truly cozy reading nook?

Cozy Reading Closet Nook

I share in a lot of the talks I give to various mom groups that you may think that last point may be a little extreme, but I actually know someone who did this in their daughter's room. She had so many books she turned the small closet in her room into her reading oasis! She painted the walls pink, added some white Christmas lights, and used the shelves for all of her books. Fun pillows and a warm blanket make it one of the coziest reading nooks I've ever seen! If you're like me and need every inch of closet space in your house, this may not be feasible, but I just wanted to get you thinking outside of the box. Where can you create a reading nook in your home?

Your reading space does NOT have to be permanent! A tent you turn into a reading tent, a special blanket you put outside with bins of books, or even a secret hideaway used for reading can work. Let your kids in on the fun and ask them where they would like to read. You just may be surprised on their creativity!

Where will your reading nook be in your house? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re looking for books to add to your book bins and inspire your kids to read, click here to download a list of my favorites!