Are you worried about your child's reading?

Do you wish they'd enjoy reading... but instead they're struggling?

Do you want to help your child with reading, but aren't quite sure what to do?

On Wednesday, August 15th at 8pm, I am holding a digital workshop for you, busy mom. Let's get together (on the computer!) and chat 5 signs you have a struggling reader and what to do about it. Bring your questions and get ready to learn some research-based strategies to help your readers at home.

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Who is Kim Creigh?

Kim is a former elementary school teacher and has her Masters in Reading Education. She is mom to two boys. Reading is her passion, and she wants to inspire every child to love to read! 

One of the greatest predictors of reading success is an enjoyment of reading. Struggling readers tend not to enjoy reading for a variety of reasons. Now is the perfect time to start working on fun & easy reading activities, and grow their confidence!